Perception of Depth: San Francisco Cityscape

July 27, 2015  •  1 Comment

I always imagined if I had a real large format camera and I could capture the complete details of this beautiful city of San Francisco. Well to get this idea a reality in digital world, where large electronic sensors of Cameras are cost prohibitive, I decided to create a 200+ Megapixels of panorama by combining several smaller pictures where a panoramic  picture has enough details for  printing up to 4 ft by 14 ft without losing any details. 


In order to get this vision to reality, I took about 40 individual shots using a telescopic lens (Canon EF 100-400 mark II) on Canon 5D mark III camera capturing every details of the scene. I had to use Apple Macbook PRO (with 16 GB RAM) to get every details combined from those 40 shots and make one panorama. I used Capture One 8 to process each individual image and I later combined using Photoshop CS6. Location of this picture is Forest Road in Treasure Island in San Francisco City.



Vibrant City of San FranciscoVibrant City of San FranciscoSan Francisco Skyline Panorama - Ultra high resolution picture with complete perception of depth


Avi Banerjee(non-registered)
Curios whether you ended up printing it. If yes, how did it turn out and where did you order the print from?
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